About Our Shop

Since 1983, Don Juan’s Certified Collision Care has been providing fine quality collision repair services. We have become the most reliable collision repair provider serving Santa Fe, NM and the surrounding area. So relax and let us do what we do better than anyone else, put you and your car back on the road again, as good or better than before the accident.

When selecting an auto body shop, ask your friends, neighbors and co-workers and we know Don Juan’s Certified Collision Care will receive positive recommendations. Remember we offer a lifetime guaranty on all labor and paint work performed on your vehicle for as long as you own it.

We are licensed, insured and bonded for your protection and ours. As a locally owned business with firm roots in our community, our customers’ satisfaction is our top priority on every project. We pride ourselves on providing reliable and thorough services for a reasonable price.

Our expertise in repairing domestic and foreign vehicles makes us the choice of customers all over the area. They know that no matter the make or model of their vehicle, they can get high quality repairs at very fair rates.

As professionals in our industry our reputation rides on every vehicle we work on, and we work hard to protect our reputation and provide customer satisfaction. This means that we will never provide substandard results or try to pad our bottom line by being unfair in our pricing. Instead, we will work with you to get you the best repairs at the best prices, always.

We strive to always outdo ourselves on every job – our dedication to perfection drives us to always aim for greater levels of customer satisfaction.

We went Green

We have a strong commitment to the environment and over the last several years have made many changes and long term investments to ensure that we are doing our part for the environment.

In 2015, we installed a solar system that will generate 80% of the electricity we use. Using this system will avoid dumping 14,093 pounds of Carbon Dioxide emissions into our environment every month, which is the equivalent to not driving 14,720 miles every month and provides the same benefit of growing 164 trees for 10 years.

We use waterborne paint which is approved by your vehicle manufacture and is safer to the environment than traditional solvent based paint.

In 2013 we made a significant financial investment into our facility to make it energy efficient. The lighting in our repair facility was converted to energy efficient lights which provide the technicians a better working environment and saves electricity. We also converted the shops heating system to an 98% energy efficient boiler which is the highest rating available and will save natural gas. We equip the shop with the most modern tools and new technology. We use a nitrogen gas plastic welder to restructure common plastic parts in automotive repair. This allows us to repair many more plastic parts instead of buying new parts which can save you money and is environmentally friendly because there is less plastic waste accumulation.

We use a German engineered vacuum sanding system which is HEPA Certified, that collects dust during the sanding process. This keeps the air clean for our technicians and prevents dust from traveling into your cars interior and ventilation system.

Additionally every year we recycle tons of metal, plastic, and cardboard.